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Resort Holiday – Bintan Nirwana

Published April 12, 2013 by rainbow28

Since hubby is taking a week leave, we might as well fully utilise it. We booked a night stay @ Bintan Nirwana. And how much I wanted to tell you, I regretted it!! Regret for not staying longer!! It was a fun stay there although there is a small bit of hiccups. Immediately when we’re home. Hubby suggested to go again following week. haha…. Of cos, we did not.

Took train from Boon Lay to Tanah Merah. Followed by taxi… We reached there as required, 10am exactly. After getting our boarding pass, we went for bfast @ Killiney. Expensive food is secondary, the staff were not friendly at all. Anyway, we are lucky we need not face them daily.

Journey to Bintan by ferry is only an hour. Smooth ride… Fell asleep…. Reached! Cleared custom, boarded the land transfer to hotel. Checked in… Before we went to our room, we went to check out a few thingy. Fireflies tour, shuttle services…. And we were in a rush to take the next shuttle bus to our first destination ~ Pasar Oleh Oleh… Off to our room…


Shocked! The ceiling fan were on… The tv were on… The bed were messy… Someone not yet checked out? Or something in the room? Hb called the front desk and inform them about this issue. We don’t want to wait cos we are rushing out. Grrrr….. On the way out, we saw the guy who helped us checked in. He apologised and told us they will give us another room but is 2 single beds. Well, we don’t mind. We’re here for the resort, not the bed right? haha….


Haiz…. We still missed the shuttle bus. Damn! But, the guy told us out of goodwill, they will engage their own private driver to send us there but we have to come back on our own. Deal! Nothing much at this Pasar Oleh Oleh… A few cafes, a few shops selling their local stuffs, a few spa salons and mini supermarket… Someone there told us there is a hawker centre walking distance around there. We went…. I must say the food don’t suit us and we did not bring our rupiah. Back to Pasar Oleh Oleh…


Decided to have lunch at one of the cafes. Set lunch ~ S$48 (not yet include 10% service charages & 11% gov tax) for 2 pax. I must say, the crab is so mini but admit that the meat is plenty and fresh. Soup were yummy due to msg. On the whole, it’s still satisfactory lunch. And we are allowed to change 2 dishes in the menu.



The restaurant we had our lunch.


Bought our tickets to return to hotel. S$5 per pax (unlimited ride for the day). A pity we used once only. Walked around the place while waiting for the bus. Probably it’s weekday, it’s rather quiet. But I like such peace.

Back to hotel, went to our newly allocated room. They have helped us transfer our luggage to the new room. Ths is how the room look like.


Laze on bed watching tv… Hubby entertained himself with Candy Crush! Time pass slowly and it’s an hour behind SG. Love it! haha…. 3pm, we changed to our swim suit. Only at this place do I dare to wear my bikini. keke…..

Exploring the beach…. We found micro mini crabs & oysters. Amazing how they dig hole to hide when we went nearer. Beautiful beach but spoilt by some oil spillage. Wasted…. And I had some oil stuck to my foot and slipper. Had a hard time getting rid of them. Hb taught me to use sand to rub it off. Luckily it works. Smart hb!





Shortly after that, we went to dip in their infinity pool. As I just do hair color, I did not really swim for fear of getting my hair wet. Just soaking… Paradise… Overlooking the sea…. The wind from the sea… Cool…. And they have a pool bar in the middle of the pool.



Around 6pm, we went back to room and get prepared for our Mangrove tour to see fireflies… Excited… I’ve never seen a real fireflies before… The thought of it feels romantic. We took a shuttle bus to registered at Pasar Oleh Oleh before they send us to another place to take a boat out. And only 2 of us with the tour guide on the boat. The trip included a bottle of mineral water per pax is S$38. We were given life jacket to wear too. The mangrove were very dark but it was a starry starry night. The sky were filled with stars… The wind were cold. When the boat speed, it’s so cold and really enjoying… And, we saw fireflies… Lots of them… We went near to them. Hb took one to put on his hand… And we finally saw it upclose. It was an interesting experience.



We went back to Nirwana in search for our dinner. We decided to dine @ Dino Bistro. The view were nice. The cook suggested we had the outdoor seat. Thanks to him, we had a great view. Food were yummy too. Pizza, pasta & prawn satay. With a small glass of Baileys…



We went to the beach again. It was high tide and very dark. We sat nearby on those bench. Entertaining our iphone. Enjoying the cooling wind, the sound of waves which sound musical…. Romantic… Yet, we chose to romance with our iphone. Sick people we are. haha….

The next morning we went to the ‘Coffee Shop’ for buffet bfast. We were spoilt with choices. Fantastic bfast.


After our sumptous bfast, we went to resort centre by their internal shuttle bus. I wanted to try Rifle shooting. S$9 for 25 shots. I can aim and not bad oh. I hit the target on my first shot. Missed a few though. Some targets were very small. It was fun.


We walked around to explore a bit. Saw the elephant! And horse which I did not managed to get a good pic.



We took the same bus back to our resort. Hb & I were the only passengers initially. But soon, a couple joined us from Mayang Sari resort. While passing by the kelong restaurant, the driver asked if we want to take pics there, he can give us 2 mins. I happily replied sure, thank you and hopped down the bus. Nice nice beautiful place. The next trip, I shall be back there for dinner.


The bus driver were friendly. He told us about the mini zoo near our resort which we can explore and we did. Goat, snake, talking parrot, vulture….


zoo1 zoo2

Back to room to pack and checked out. Once checked out, we lost the wifi…. Sob sob…. Had lunch at Dino Bistro again. We only ordered Pizza. View while having lunch…


A few more cool stuffs @ Nirwana.


And the bus fetched us to ferry terminal. Our ferry is at 2:35pm (indonesia time). Bye Bintan… I will miss you and I will be back too.


Genting Trip Apr 2013

Published April 10, 2013 by rainbow28

7 April 2013 ~ 10 April 2013

Although this is not my first trip to Genting but I shall blog about it since I deleted my previous blog.  So, it’s something new for this blog.  🙂

As this month is our birthday month.  Both hubby & I were given free room @ First World Hotel.  And so happened that he is clearing his leave, he took a week leave from work.  We booked our coach for Sunday morning departure.  Total, we spent 4 days 3 nights there.


Woke up around 5am to get ready as we are required to reach Boon Lay Shopping Ctr at 6:30am.  The coach departed at exactly 7am.  By 8:50am, we reached Yong Peng.  Had something light as bfast.  A fish burger consider light?  haha…..  I did not finish it, just ate the fillet inside.  Not really nice.  Shall make a note not to order that anymore.  Blacklisted.  Watched movie on coach and by 12:40pm, we have reached Genting.  Check-in was a breeze.  We used the machine to check-in.  Before 2pm, we already out hunting for lunch!


We settled our lunch @ Pizza Hut.  This time, they have cheese powder.  Wonderful.


After lunch, we bought movie ticket for the night, GI Joe – 3D.  RM20 per tix.  And around 4pm, we went back to nap.  Nap?  haha…  Ya, nap.  The weather is sunny.  Although not as humid as Singapore, it’s still warm there.  I expected it to be cold.


After a powerful 2 hours nap, we went out to look for dinner.  We really sleep after eat, eat after sleep.  Note to myself, to go on strict diet when back home. 

Our buffet dinner, a must have when we are in Genting.  Lots of variety of food.  You get to choose from Western, Japanese, Chinese, Local & Asian.  Desert bar is great, this round they even have an ice cream counter.  Rainbow cakes….  Yummy~



After dinner, we went back to First World for movie.  Sadly, it’s such a boring movie to me. 

We try not to wake up too early in the morning.  This way, we can play till late, skip our bfast.  Our day 2 lunch, we tried Kenny Rogers.  Had their muffins too. 


Dinner, my bro came to look for us and treat us dinner @ Causeway Bay.  No pic.  We had set meal for 4 pax.  After dinner, we went to watch ‘Freeze 2’.  We’ve got free tickets for the performance.  Not as interesting as previous magic show.

Day 3 lunch ~ we chose Nyonya Colors cos they have free wifi.  haha….  Had nasi lemak, chee cheong fun & soft boiled eggs.


We watched ‘Ghost Child’.  Verdict, it’s not even scary.  A waste of time.  A small world, we saw hb’s ex colleague with his wife in the cinema. 

We went back for the buffet during dinner.

Last day came fast.  Probably we were enjoying ourselves with food and lots of gambling.  I had a bit of luck in slot machine.  I tried to search the web on how to win slot machine, the answer is, don’t play.  haha…. 

Our bfast for last day, ‘Hou Mei’.  And 3pm, our coach departed from Genting back to Home Sweet Home.